Fine Tuning and Other Mysteries

In my quest to gain an overview of how the world really is, I came across Cosmo Sapiens by John Hands. Tim Crane, Professor of Philosophy, University of Cambridge, whose assessment I heartily agree with, summarized Mr. Banks’ endeavor as follows: “John Hands has...

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Darwinism Deconstructed

Darwinism is a set of propositions pertaining to the origin and evolution of animal and human species. Among “educated” elites, it is considered “settled science”, immune to challenge. Jonathan Wells, who holds a Ph.D. in molecular and cell biology from the University...

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Does science support materialism?

The dominant narrative in academia, the mass media, the entertainment industry, and “sophisticated” opinion everywhere can be summarized by the phrase “nothing but”. The mind (consciousness) is nothing but an epiphenomenon (manifestation) of the physical workings of...

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About The Author

Sam Mitchell is a researcher by trade. For almost four decades, Sam's job has been to invest other people’s money as well as his own. The total amounts involved have been in the billions of dollars.

Sam lives or dies economically according to whether the findings and conclusions from his research are correct.

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