Renewable Energy is Hazardous to the Environment and Your Health

Besides being irredeemably uneconomic [See “Is Green Energy Economically viable?” November, 2023], wind and solar power generation is harmful to the environment and your health. The hazard comes mainly but not entirely from the disposal of wind turbine blades and solar panels at the end of their useful lives.

There is nothing about a wind turbine that is environmentally friendly:

  1. The CO2 used by making one of these monstrosities  is greater than the CO2 it will ever save.
  2. The blades kill millions of birds, a fact environmentalists prefer to ignore.
  3. Putting the blades in a dump is equivalent to putting poison in the soil and water. They are made with a composite of materials glued together by an extremely toxic chemical, bis phenyl A, which is banned in virtually every western country. At the end of the life of the blades, they get cut up and stored in a dump whence the chemicals leach out into the surrounding  soil and waterways. It is estimated that over the next couple of decades over 720,000 tons of turbine blades will end up in landfill.

Solar panels are no better. They generate a gargantuan volume of hazardous waste, far more than that produced by iPhones and laptops.  They contain meaningful amounts of toxic heavy metals – arsenic, gallium, and lead.  At the end of their lives, they are put in a landfill where , as with turbine blades, their  toxins leach out into the water and soil. Or they are  sent to poor nations so they too can be poisoned. Recycling is not an economic option since they are made primarily from low value material.

To support wind and solar power is to condone the poisoning of the environment.

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