Hunting for Truth amidst Mainstream Nonsense

Our mission is to separate truth from nonsense with intellectual integrity and humility

The symbol of this website is the Hindu deity, Ganesh. Why? Ganesh has an elephant’s head and a human body. He listens well because he has big ears. He has a small mouth so he doesn’t talk too much. He is revered as the remover of obstacles and the deva of intellect and wisdom.

What We Do

Truth or Nonsense focuses on whether the mainstream narrative on certain subjects is true: the economy, climate change, green energy, science and religion, U.S. and the World. It also offers ideas for living smarter and better. If some or all of these topics interest you, but you have not had time to go see for yourself, you may want to explore the subject categories below. Each of these subject categories contains articles designed to distill in easy-to-read form the best, most honest, evidence-based, and thoughtful analysis I have been able to find on the topic at hand. Where appropriate, the articles include links and book references for further reading .

Government, Markets, and You

How does federal government and the Federal Reserve affect your wealth, and what might you do to protect yourself? If you are not a professional money manager, how should you decide where to invest your savings? View Articles

Climate Change

What really drives climate change? How important are human emissions of CO2? View Articles

Green Energy

Sense or nonsense? View Articles

Science and Religion

Do science and reason strengthen faith? How can belief in an all-powerful, good God be reconciled with evil and suffering? View Articles

U.S. and the World

Does American foreign policy help Americans? View Articles

Living Smart and Living Better

What are some simple ways I can think smarter and live better? View Articles

I have done my best to be faithful to the Truth or Nonsense Mission. Be warned, however, that, as a contrarian by nature, I have a particular interest in ideas – provided they are supported by solid evidence – that disconfirm what the mainstream media tells you.

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I strongly welcome comments, but  ask you to abide by the principle, “Always respect the person, never respect the idea.”  A thoughtful analysis of why the views  I present are wrong helps all of us get closer to discerning what is true, but civility must rule.  

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