Why climate change should not alarm you

For decades, the United Nations, European governments, Democratic politicians in the United States, and the mainstream media have been telling us that (1) man caused (anthropogenic) emissions of CO2 are an important contributor to the global warming trend of the past...

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What about the polar bears?

I get upset when I see a video of a polar bear struggling to get on an ice floe. The inference is that global warming, caused mainly by man-made CO2 emissions, is causing the polar bears to suffer and die. But is this really true? Recent data suggest otherwise....

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About The Author

Sam Mitchell is a researcher by trade. For almost four decades, Sam's job has been to invest other people’s money as well as his own. The total amounts involved have been in the billions of dollars.

Sam lives or dies economically according to whether the findings and conclusions from his research are correct.

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