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Government, Markets, and You

Who will Decide the 2024 Presidential Election?

One thing is certain about the 2024 presidential election. Donald Trump’s opponents will stop at nothing, short, I hope, of violence, to keep him out of the White House. Fair or unfair, legal or illegal, Democrats will continue to use the judicial system  not just to...

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America’s Second Civil War

America is engaged in its second civil war. Like the first, the war is over an idea. Under sustained attack is the idea of America as expressed in  the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The Founding Fathers set the preservation of individual freedom as...

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Climate Change

What To Read Or Watch For The Truth About Climate Change

If  you have some interest and a little time, but don’t want to get too “into the weeds”, watch The Climate Movie for a terrific, entertaining overview. If you want to know what three world-class physicists think about...

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Why CO2 Emissions Are Not A Problem Now And Never Will Be

The American government and European governments are forcing obedience to the idea that human-caused emissions of carbon dioxide will lead to catastrophic global warming and must be eliminated.  This idea is entirely and unequivocally false. CO2  is not now and never...

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Solving the Climate Puzzle the Sun’s Surprising Role

This article is a bit long but very much worth reading. It  presents key points from a superb distillation  of what the climate science literature says. The author, Javier Vinos, a Ph.D. scientist, spent nine years studying the scientific literature on climate...

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Green Energy

The Toxic Downside of Green Energy

The push for replacing energy from fossil fuels with “green” energy – wind power, solar power, and electric vehicles – addresses a problem that doesn’t exist.

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Is Green Energy Economically Viable?

Acknowledgement: The following relies heavily on work by Leigh Goehring and Adam Rozencwajg, “The Distortions of Cheap Energy” Fourth Quarter 2021 February 23, 2022 It seems axiomatic among right thinking people that green energy must be fervently supported. Green...

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Science and Religion

Evidence and Belief

What the Evidence Says about What’s True Ever since I was old enough to think about the world, I have wanted to understand what is true. I have never been a post-modernist, one of those people who think that reality is nothing but a social construct, devised and...

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Why I am a Universalist

I think all who call themselves Christians would assent to  certain foundational beliefs: There is a single consciousness – spirit or logos – that has created from nothing all reality: spacetime, energy, a world of unimaginable beauty and complexity, us. We call this...

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Hard Truth and Hope in the Story of Job

Ever since I first read the story of Job decades ago, it has bothered me. The oldest story in the Bible, it addresses head-on the question that plagues anyone who takes God seriously: How can a loving God stand by while a good person suffers? The story begins with a...

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U.S. and The World

The tragedy of American foreign affairs since World War II

It seems indisputable that since World War II, American engagement with the rest of the world has been hugely costly in American lives and treasure. On balance, is the United States and the rest of the world better off? I would like to say “Yes” but cannot. For a...

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Living Smart Living Well

How to home in on truth and filter out nonsense.

Every day each of us is deluged with advice on what to expect, what we should think about subjects that are important but well beyond our immediate expertise, whom to believe, and how we should or should not act. All of it is delivered with authority and assurance,...

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Over the decades, I occasionally have come across quotes that were striking in their originality and wisdom as to how to look at the world and conduct oneself. I have not seen most of them anywhere else. You might enjoy perusing the collection. The time to make up...

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