The Toxic Downside of Green Energy

The push for replacing energy from fossil fuels with “green” energy – wind power, solar power, and electric vehicles – addresses a problem that doesn’t exist.

The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has a negligible effect on global temperatures, and human generated CO2 accounts for a small fraction of total CO2.

A doubling of CO2 from current levels would increase temperatures by only 1⁰ C.

Even worse, besides inducing the expenditure of trillions of dollars on something that is not a problem, and besides being irredeemably inefficient,

Green energy solutions themselves have radically toxic side effects on the environment, especially soils and wildlife. It is ironic and sad that efforts to protect the planet are causing tremendous harm. Being green may make wealthy westerners feel good, but they should keep in mind the necessity of understanding and responding to the consequences of their enthusiasm for green energy. Results, not good intentions, are what should matter.

As noted by Steve Einhorn

There are glaring  inconvenient facts about the impact of various “green” initiatives:

A medium size electric vehicle

  • Requires 500,000 pounds of mined earth;
  • Requires 8 years to break even in terms of CO2 generated in its creation relative to CO2 saved;
  • has been supported by $500 billion in government subsidies, all of which has gone to upper income families who can afford a $50,000 vehicle. Government (taxpayers) will foot the bill for chargers as well.

By 2050, no longer functional solar panels will constitute 50% of all plastic waste.

Wind turbines

  • kill a million birds annually by slicing off their wings;
  • consume 80,000 tons of iron ore and cement per 100MW of capacity.

There is no good case for green energy.

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