Why I am a Universalist

I think all who call themselves Christians would assent to  certain foundational beliefs:There is a single consciousness – spirit or logos – that has created from nothing all reality: spacetime, energy, a world of unimaginable beauty and complexity, us. We call this...

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Clearing the Air on Climate Change

Joe Biden, the permanent bureaucracy, the Democratic Party, their cheerleaders in the mainstream media, and the global elites - the types who each year flock to Davos for a meeting of the World Economic Forum - tell us that climate change is an existential...

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A Very Basic Primer on Climate Change

1. Climate change activists want you to believe that the rise in atmospheric CO2 from fossil fuel burning is causing a dangerous warming of the Earth’s surface.2. The idea is not supported by the evidence.3. Since 1850, before humans began to burn fossil fuels for...

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About The Author

Sam Mitchell is a researcher by trade. For almost four decades, Sam's job has been to invest other people’s money as well as his own. The total amounts involved have been in the billions of dollars.

Sam lives or dies economically according to whether the findings and conclusions from his research are correct.

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