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While this site has nothing to do with Hinduism, the symbolism of the Hindu deity Ganesh is fitting. Ganesh has an elephant’s head and a human body. He listens well because he has big ears. He has a small mouth so he doesn’t talk too much. He is revered as the remover of obstacles and the deva of intellect and wisdom. He is associated with the first “chakra” (a center of human spiritual energy) that is the wellspring of survival and material well-being.

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Why climate change should not alarm you

For decades, the United Nations, European governments, Democratic politicians in the United States, and the mainstream media have been telling us that (1) man caused (anthropogenic) emissions of CO2 are an important contributor to the global warming trend of the past four decades, and (2) absent...

What the rise of Trump means and what’s next

Intense dislike of Trump is causing people to miss something big. Trump’s rise and popularity is a symptom of a trend, not a one-time aberration. A bottom-up reaction is emerging in Europe and America against a force that has been ascendant under many guises for over 230 years. In America, it that...

A climate change warning from the American Meteorological society

The American Meteorological Society issued the following statement in its Monthly Weather Review: The Arctic Ocean is warming up. Icebergs are growing scarcer in some places and the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report from the Commerce Department at Bergen, Norway. Reports...

More Nonsense From Climate Change Activists

Climate change activists held a Global Climate Action Summit [GCAS] September 13 and 14 in San Francisco. The speakers proclaimed they weren’t going to discuss the science because, in their view, it is settled. They are mistaken. In fact, science, based on careful study of historical evidence,...

Single payer health care: a quack cure

The American left, which now dominates the Democratic Party, thinks it has a sure-fire winner in its advocacy of a single-payer system for America. Under single-payer, government becomes the sole source of reimbursement for health care services. Federal bureaucrats with the advice of “experts”...

How strong is the case for atheism?

In previous posts we have argued that (1) the Darwinian explanation of how life evolved fails on both evidentiary and logical grounds, and (2) for human life to exist, physical conditions must be fine- tuned to an unimaginably precise degree that could not possibly occur randomly. We concluded...

Fine Tuning and Other Mysteries

In my quest to gain an overview of how the world really is, I came across Cosmo Sapiens by John Hands. Tim Crane, Professor of Philosophy, University of Cambridge, whose assessment I heartily agree with, summarized Mr. Banks’ endeavor as follows: “John Hands has attempted … nothing less than an...

Darwinism Deconstructed

Darwinism is a set of propositions pertaining to the origin and evolution of animal and human species. Among “educated” elites, it is considered “settled science”, immune to challenge. Jonathan Wells, who holds a Ph.D. in molecular and cell biology from the University of California, Berkeley, and...

What science says about the question of God

The more science tells us about ourselves and the universe, the more it becomes obvious, at least to me, that we could not possibly be here by chance. Some unimaginably powerful, intelligent being seems to have created and designed us and the world. The label most use to describe the creator of...

Socialism popular failure,capitalism unpopular success

Socialism is a failure - but popular. Capitalism is a success -- but unpopular. Why? Socialism always and everywhere eventually has ended up creating economic stagnation and loss of freedom. The more aggressively it has been tried — think the old Soviet Union and Mao Tse Tung’s China — the more...

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