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About Ganesh, The Symbol of This Blog

While this site has nothing to do with Hinduism, the symbolism of the Hindu deity Ganesh is fitting. Ganesh has an elephant’s head and a human body. He listens well because he has big ears. He has a small mouth so he doesn’t talk too much. He is revered as the remover of obstacles and the deva of intellect and wisdom. He is associated with the first “chakra” (a center of human spiritual energy) that is the wellspring of survival and material well-being.

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Green Delusions and Hydrocarbon Realities

Subsequent to the election of Biden as president, the mainstream media have been full of stories heralding the robust flowering of green energy and an accelerating decline in the use of hydrocarbons, mainly oil and gas. I instinctively distrust anything the mainstream media have to say since I am...

Is TINA faithful?

By any measure, stock prices relative to any rational measure of economic value are at record levels. The main driver of what appears to be an epochal bubble in the valuation of financial assets is...

God and the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ

My wife, Mary, and I are estranged Episcopalians. We both, however, have an interest in understanding whether the story of Christianity is true. If it isn’t, humanity is in trouble at least in the very long run. According to the current scientific understanding of how the material world works, our...

A Meditation on Suffering

A man I knew, a very nice man, recently died after a period of horrible suffering from an aggressive cancer. He was 55. His death got me thinking about how anyone can have faith in a loving God when contemplating the hellish, pervasive suffering we all see, and sometimes experience.The 18th...

NASA, NOAA, Climate Change, and the Importance of Context

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently released a climate change study reporting that the last decade was the warmest in modern times (since 1880 when reliable record keeping began). The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in a report released at the...

Is the “Sky is Falling” Crowd Wrong?

I have been a card carrying member of the “sky is falling” crowd for years. And I have been wrong. Stock prices are at their all-time highs. Some stocks are selling at multiples of sales that historically have been applied to earnings. Why was I wrong and what are the investment implications for...

Why climate change should not alarm you

For decades, the United Nations, European governments, Democratic politicians in the United States, and the mainstream media have been telling us that (1) man caused (anthropogenic) emissions of CO2 are an important contributor to the global warming trend of the past four decades, and (2) absent...

What the rise of Trump means and what’s next

Intense dislike of Trump is causing people to miss something big. Trump’s rise and popularity is a symptom of a trend, not a one-time aberration. A bottom-up reaction is emerging in Europe and America against a force that has been ascendant under many guises for over 230 years. In America, it that...

A climate change warning from the American Meteorological society

The American Meteorological Society issued the following statement in its Monthly Weather Review: The Arctic Ocean is warming up. Icebergs are growing scarcer in some places and the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report from the Commerce Department at Bergen, Norway. Reports...

More Nonsense From Climate Change Activists

Climate change activists held a Global Climate Action Summit [GCAS] September 13 and 14 in San Francisco. The speakers proclaimed they weren’t going to discuss the science because, in their view, it is settled. They are mistaken. In fact, science, based on careful study of historical evidence,...

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